3 business idea starters for aspiring entrepreneurs

30 Aug, 2018

South Africa has a long history of entrepreneurship and building businesses around innovative solutions such as the Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner, CAT Scan and Speed Gun. Driven by a need to solve a problem in their community, introduce a new service or improve existing offerings, South Africans have gone on to start their own businesses that provide employment and help grow the economy.

Here are three locally inspired business idea starters for aspiring entrepreneurs.

For the foodies
The first of these is for lovers of food who can cook or bake. Selling some uniquely South African food or baked goods at food markets can be a good means to generate additional income as a side-hustle. However, if your delicious culinary creations entice a large enough audience, you may be able to take it up full time. Visit some food markets and gauge whether there is a nice market you can cater to, and take the necessary steps towards filling these.

For the lovers of craft drinks
If you’re intrigued by the art of brewing, then you may want to consider making your own craft beer or gin. Craft beers are gaining popularity in South Africa, and if you are passionate about beer in general and craft beer in particular, you can think of making, marketing and selling your own. To get started, visit your local craft beer festival to see which ones are out there and invest in a brewing starter kit to learn the finer arts of the fermentation processes. Once you’ve mastered home brewing, you can start to formalise your business knowledge through brewing courses as well as conferences such as Craft Brewers Powwow.

For the nature-inspired
Another idea is for outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy exploring our beautiful country. If you know your local area better than others and reside in a particularly scenic or historical part of South Africa, you can provide guided tours of the area. You do not even need a car to do this, since guided bike tours have landed in SA. You can partner up with hotels and guest houses to extend your service to more tourists and visitors, as well as the local bike shop for access to the bikes and safety gear through a rental agreement.

If you’re not a foodie, fan of beer or the outdoors, fear not. You can turn any passion into a business regardless of the form it takes, such as making authentic South Africa jewellery or immortalise your creative ideas on vintage t-shirts. You can turn this into a business by investing in a direct-to-garment printer to design and make your own unique t-shirts, or sell your own jewellery at a stall or pop-up store. Great business ideas can come from anywhere. The key is to find inspiration in what you love and to turn that passion into profit.