3 tech trends you need to pay attention to in 2018

28 Mar, 2018

Tech trends are invaluable thought-starters for innovation. They are the competitive lifeblood of organisations today. Trends can open new markets and are game-changers in a world where falling behind is not an option.

Here are three tech trends to keep on your radar in 2018:

Trend #1: Blockchain technology
Bitcoin, the buzzword of 2017, is giving way to Blockchain, the underlying technology behind the cryptocurrency craze.

Blockchain is an open and distributed decentralised ledger that captures a list of records, which are securely linked using cryptography. In essence, Blockchain enables untrusted parties to make digital exchanges in a fast and secure manner.

Blockchain is revolutionary and could be the next best thing in banking, logistics, government, insurance, healthcare, digital marketing, content distribution, agriculture and food sciences. From streamlined internal operations and improved security to enhanced productivity and cost savings, its potential benefits are growing by the day. Project timelines clearly indicate that the road is paved towards varied and usable blockchain-based solutions.

In 2018, we can expect to see a growing interest in Blockchain and its potential opportunities and limitations. Make it your mission this year to get a grip on the tech, how it can be applied in your industry and how it can give your businesses a competitive edge.

Trend #2: Smart applications
The development of smart apps like Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) is on the rise. Research predicts that more than half of all app developers will apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2018. These smart apps intuitively adapt and learn from their users as well as their interaction with big data to deliver greater insights for more relevant services and a better customer experience overall.

The intelligent intermediary layer it creates between people and systems can radically alter the nature of work and the structure of the workplace. Whether it is running unobtrusively in the background of an app or giving rise to new applications, AI will continue to infiltrate apps and services across the board and will soon become unavoidable in software and service markets.

Businesses collect a staggering amount of data every year but all this hording only makes sense if it can be interpreted and used to improve on existing assumptions. The most logical way to make data work for you is through smart apps. Not only are you sitting on mountains of transactional, social, web and mobile data, you now have access to predictive analytics, machine learning, data mining and intelligent computing to ultimately inform and optimise your business decisions.

Trend #3: Immersive experiences
Immersive experiences refer to the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) on conversational platforms to grab attention, boost engagement and enhance the overall user experience.

Research shows that our attention span is shorter than ever. We will increasingly begin to experience our reality through VR, which already holds great opportunities in education, training, simulation, e-commerce and retail. It will become a very powerful marketing and advertising tool.

Leading brands will pioneer the creation of richer digital experiences with the integration of AR and VR. The ultimate goal of an immersive experience is to enrich customer engagement with products and brands. With the addition of AR and VR, brands can appeal to every human sense and make customers part of a highly memorable brand story.