4 apps to help you unwind

7 Dec, 2015

It’s December and you’re looking forward to a few days (or maybe even weeks) of relaxation. You’ve earned it too – all those late nights in the office, answering emails on weekends, fielding client calls at all hours – it’s definitely time to kick back and relax. Except, try as you might, you can’t.

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to unwind. Your inbox may be in vacation mode, but you aren’t, and it makes you want to tear your hair out. Well fret no more, because we’ve found four apps that’ll go a long way to helping you engage ‘chill mode’.

Headspace: Android and iOS
Meditation is one of those things we all promise ourselves we’ll do, but never seem to find the time. Why not start while you’re on leave, when you absolutely do have the time. What could be better than sitting on a beach at sunset or spending an early morning at a park getting in touch with your inner self?

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We’ve chosen Headspace, not because it’s endorsed by actress Emma Watson, but because it’s got so much to offer for beginners. The app bills itself as “your very own personal trainer, here to help you train your mind” and promises to teach you the basics of meditation in just 10 minutes a day.

White Noise: Android and iOS
For some people, relaxing during the day is a breeze and the real trouble starts once they’re in bed getting ready to go to sleep. Suddenly, in the quiet of the night, thoughts rush through their head, causing them to toss and turn for hours on end.

That’s where an app like White Noise comes in. The app comes with a variety of relaxing sounds, from actual white noise, to waves crashing on a beach, and gentle rainfall in a forest. Press play and you’ll be dreaming in no time.

Marine Aquarium: iOS
Aquariums are great for relaxation – even scientists agree – but not everyone has the means (or time) to get their own fish tank, filtration system and all the other expensive equipment that it entails. And even if you do, chances are you’re not going to be able to take it on holiday with you.

This app allows you to sit back and watch fish swim by. We reckon it’s perfect if you want a moment for yourself while the kids are busy with an activity that doesn’t require your supervision or after a hectic day’s shopping.

Flipd: Android
Of course, your inability to relax may just be down to the fact that you can’t leave your phone alone, effectively allowing work to intrude on relaxation time.

In that case, you need Flipd. This app effectively takes over your phone, severely limiting its functionality for a set period of time. It also replaces your lock screen with something simpler, and offers some useful auto text responders. If you really need to make a call, you can include a list of up to 12 emergency contacts.