Boost your small business profitability with pre-emptive office supplies

18 Oct, 2018

Staring your own business comes with a fair amount of unforeseen expenses. When setting up shop, office supplies may seem like a minor expense compared to office space rent, equipment and salaries, but any costs, if not managed properly, can ruin a well-structured budget at a time when every cent counts.

To boost your chances of success, it is essential to focus on the big picture for the first few years. That said, you need to enable your staff to get the job done, and that includes essential office supplies. Running out of paper or ink might not seem like much but missing a pitch or deadline as a result can be a deal-breaker for a client and that would be result in a missed opportunity for small businesses set on acquiring new customers.

Fortunately, there are many ways to manage your spending on office supplies. The first step is to determine the basic office supplies you need to operate adequately. While this differs from business to business, a few essentials are unavoidable. You also need to have a simple plan in place to refill supplies before they run out.

Proactive monitoring solutions such as ProAct by Nashua can keep track of your printing consumables and technical problems in real time, and pre-emptively manage the restocking of elements such as toner supplies. In-house attention to detail can also add up to significant cost savings in the long run. You can save paper and ink by setting your office printers to double-sided black and white printing by default – which can cut your paper usage by 50% and your toner or ink by 25%.

Here is a list of essential office supplies for small businesses:

  • Hardware: Printers; data storage devices
  • Printing supplies: Paper; cartridges; refills
  • Writing supplies: Writing pads; pens; highlighters; markers; stationery holders; erasable board markers; Post-It® notes
  • Stapling supplies: Staplers; staples
  • Filing supplies: Folders; filing sleeves; file holders; colour-coded labels and file dividers
  • General supplies: Calendars; planners; scissors; paper clips; rubber bands; tape

With the right total workspace provider, you can focus on building your business while reducing unnecessary expenses and streamlining your operations to increase your bottom line. Nashua offers a free office assessment that can determine inefficiencies by assessing your office supplies, equipment, software and processes while offering tailored solutions to improve operational efficiency and minimise wastage, costs and downtime, ultimately saving you time and money so that you can make your mark in the fast-paced business world.