Cycle race steps it up with tech

7 Oct, 2015

The challenge: Onsite printing
For companies running events, everything must run efficiently on the day. There are no second chances if equipment fails, or isn’t up to the job.

Openfield is a sponsorship marketing consultancy that takes these challenges in its stride. For one client, Engen, Openfield organised ‘Cycle in the City’ events in Durban, Pretoria and Cape Town, which each attracted more than 400 participants. At these three days, Openfield needed a reliable printer onsite to handle critical administration tasks – so it turned to Nashua for help.

The solution: Reliable and user-friendly devices
At each of the three events, Nashua provided Openfield with an MP201SPF black and white multi-function printer (MFP). A Nashua technician delivered the printer and two packs of paper in the morning, and collected it after 7pm. The technician also set the printer up each day, and ensured that everything was working smoothly.

“Nashua had a technician on standby and gave me his number to contact if there were any problems,” says Stacey-Lee Gedult, administrator at Openfield.

I only needed his help once, when the paper was sticking because the printer was not quite level – he arrived within 15 minutes and fixed the problem straight away.”

Openfield used the MFP to print the lists of starters in each category at the registration tent, which was necessary because there were late entries at each event. It also used the MFP to print the results, and to copy various documents.

“If the printer had failed, it would have been a big problem, because we needed the list of starters printed out to give to the race officials, and the results for the announcers at the prize giving,” says Gedult.

“The Nashua machine was great – it was exactly what we required, and was very user-friendly and easy to use,” says Gedult. “Apart from the one problem with being level, the printer worked perfectly, and we had compliments from spectators and participants saying how smoothly the registration process went.

“We couldn’t ask for anything more from the printer, and Nashua’s friendly staff were a bonus,” concludes Gedult. “We plan to work with Nashua again at next year’s events.”