How to cut through the clutter and secure attention

22 Feb, 2018

How to get customer attention in the noisy digital space
Consumers hate ads. They are becoming more frustrated and intolerant of the sheer overload of mediocre and irrelevant ads that interrupt their consumption of information, social media and entertainment.

Businesses of the future will be able to cut through the clutter by supplying solutions to very specific consumer demands. Businesses who merely add to the noise with mediocre content and are in danger of drowning in their own clutter.

It starts at home
First get your house in order. Managed document solutions will digitise and organise your data, making it easier to search, access and analyse what your consumers want. You can turn big data into big ideas and usable insights and be better equipped to create data-driven segmentation for accurate targeted marketing. It will help you to develop personalised ads and content that can cut through and speak directly to your customers.

Here are 3 ways to break through:

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  1. Create valuable content
    Useful content, presented at the right time and in the right context, truly reigns supreme over other forms of content. Premium content can deepen a customer’s relationship with your business by adding real value to their lives. Content has to be visually attractive but the main focus should be on consumer interests. Find out what your audiences need and want or present existing content in a novel way to give consumers new insights.Premium content includes but is not limited to:
    • Expertise content (ebooks and online courses)
    • Interactive content (mobile apps, surveys and online quizzes)
    • Visual content (infographics, animated GIFs, photos and videos)
    • Audio content (podcasts)
  2. Customise your messages
    Deep targeting reaches and speaks to specific niches based on their unique interests, fears, desires and problems. Tailor content based on their locations and preferred devices. Find new and creative ways to analyse your consumer data to establish exactly who they are and how to talk to them.
  3. Embrace different and take risks
    Brands that get attention are those who take risks, who swim upstream and who spark authentic conversations about real issues. Before weighing in on controversial topics, make sure your brand values align with the cause. By seeing your brand first and foremost as a person, your messages will resonate better with consumers.Consumers want control over the types of ads and branded content they get and how often they get them. They want to be informed about new products and services and when there’ll be a sale. However, they want polite reminders, not aggressive coercion. They will always have needs and desires and you have the solutions – it’s just a matter of how you present it to them.