Make office assistance a virtual reality

5 Jul, 2017

We live in the Information Age (also known as the Digital Age or New Media Age). An era characterised by information computerisation. This is seen in the rise of technology and apps like Skype and WhatsApp, greatly influencing the way we interact.

Digitalisation brings the global community together, bridging distance and time gaps to open up a new, knowledge-based society and intertwined high-tech global economy changes. For those willing to embrace the opportunities at hand, costs can be reduced with instant access to multinational teams and experts around the world – to propel business to new heights.

One way of moving with the times is the adoption of a virtual assistant (VA or virtual office assistant). While there are many schools of thought about how to go about choosing the perfect virtual assistant to suit specific needs, almost everyone agrees on their biggest benefit: invaluable professional services from a remote location.

Here are a few reasons you should strongly consider a virtual assistant to help call for a turnaround in your business.

  1. Critical focus

With a virtual assistant at hand for administrative and technical work, you’ll have more time to focus on core strengths and duties. Someone to take charge by scheduling clients, compiling reports, typing and distributing meeting minutes to stakeholders have substantial benefits.

  1. Attract new business and boost the old

You can involve a VA in attracting new business opportunities, as well as retaining existing clients. A VA can make vendor calls, follow-up on leads, compile marketing data presentations, conduct research online and help identify and chase prospects.

  1. Get personal

Existing and prospective clients value personal relationships. You can charge your VA to help design, write and send holiday cards, birthday wishes, promotion congratulation letters, as well as thank-yous to invaluable stakeholders.

  1. Stay on time

A VA becomes a PA from a remote location. Scheduling appointments and reminders in your diary for meetings, and alerting you of networking opportunities.

  1. Inherit new skills

Seek out a VA with a particular skill set. Bookkeeping, graphic design, writing, data capturing, marketing, crisis management, travel booking and social media management are just a few examples. This opens up your business to advantageous resources you can leverage to grow.

All these perks, without allocating resources on office space (as you would a permanent employee), medical aid, retirement funds and other employee contributions.

In instances where time differences apply, a VA works to your advantage as it means getting work done overnight, without paying extra after-hour fees. Take the savings even further by incorporating Nashua Voice & Data.

Nashua Voice offers low cost, high quality IP-based voice telephony services. Nashua Data can help you stay connected to a VA at all times, save money and minimise on unnecessary outsourcing.