Mascor saves with ProAct

7 Nov, 2015

The challenges
As a group of franchised motor and agricultural equipment dealers, Mascor has multiple sites spread over a large area. Its headquarters are in Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal and it has 11 dealerships throughout eastern South Africa.

This geographical distance makes supporting IT across the company difficult, particularly as the IT staff is a small team of three. For printers, this means that fixing any problems and managing consumables can become a time consuming task with long journeys required to resolve issues.

“We had difficulties getting to each site to repair printers, and the service of our machines was becoming a problem,” says Vishen Naicker, IT manager at Mascor. To overcome these challenges, Mascor decided to look for a new printing supplier that could provide support to all of its sites.

The solution
After reviewing solutions from Nashua, Xerox and First Technology, Mascor chose a solution including HP and Nashua printers and multi-function printers (MFPs), all supplied by Nashua. The devices supplied include the MP301, MP2352 SPC820DN, MPC2051AD and MP2000 MFPs, as well as the HP Color LaserJet 1515n and HP LaserJet 400dn.

“Four years ago, we originally chose Nashua for a three-month pilot project at two sites, then, as this went well, we chose them as our main supplier,” says Naicker. “In the last two years Nashua has taken over a lot more of our printing, as we have replaced our previous dot matrix printers with newer equipment.”

“We don’t have any IT staff at our branches, and this is one of the big reasons we chose Nashua,” says Naicker. “Some of our sites are in isolated regions and are a long drive for us, but Nashua has a big footprint and can get to these places quicker.”

While the devices are used mostly as printers, Mascor also uses the fax, copy and scan features of the MFPs, including scanning to email. For the future, Mascor is planning to move towards more document automation, and to scan and archive more of its documents usingthe MFPs.

“The overall price from Nashua was excellent,” comments Naicker. In total, Mascor’s spending on consumables has been cut by 40%, fromR19,000.00 per month to R11,000.00.

ProAct software saves time and money
Mascor is using ProAct fleet management software from Nashua, which enables it to manage its printers and MFPs via the IT team at its head office, without requiring staff at each dealership to contact Nashua.

ProAct notifies Nashua automatically if there are any problems, so that Nashua can resolve issues quickly without Mascor’s involvement. The software also automatically notifies Nashua of low consumable levels so that it can ensure there is sufficient replacement toner ready at each Mascor site.The notifications are logged with Nashua at a central point, and then distributed to the closest Nashua franchise for action.

“The ProAct software helps us to save time and money and ensures we always have toner,” says Naicker. “Everything from our side is accessed over the network from our head office, and we can immediately see if there are any faults – we can log in remotely and check the status of every single printer.”

Mascor is billed per page, so it needs accurate meter readings of how many copies have been output. According to Naicker, the time to compile readings has been cut from a whole day each month to just 30 minutes with ProAct and the readings are now more accurate.

“The figures from ProAct let me allocate print costs more accurately to each branch and department,” continues Naicker. “I can also now see the volumes each machine is printing, so I can investigate if usage is unexpectedly high, which has helped bring down costs.”

Reliable solution
“Reliability of our printers is a key issue because we have devices doing frontline tasks such as invoicing that cannot afford to be down for more than a day,” says Naicker. “With Nashua, the reliability and fault resolution has improved tremendously.

“Before, if a printer failed, we had to drive to the site, analyse the problem, and perhaps come back to head office to get spares, which could all take a week,” says Naicker. “Now Nashua fixes the problem and the most we’ve ever had to wait is two days – which is excellent.”

“We used to keep spare printers at head office, but now we don’t need them,” says Naicker. “We can also keep significantly less toner in stock, saving us money.”

Nashua provides a consultative, expert service, including daily and weekly checks that everything is running smoothly. A quarterly meeting with Mascor enables issues to be discussed, and changes and future plans to be reviewed.