Meet the Kauai cool kid

14 Oct, 2016


Dean Kowarski has come a long way from his suit-and-tie wearing days in the big apple. He was working in corporate finance, chowing down on takeaways – and generally looking for more from life.

After his initial success in finance, Kowarsi was able to pursue his passion: changing people’s lives through nutrition. Today, he’s the owner of the mega-successful Kauai group – a brand that’s reached almost cult status in the last few years.

Though effecting change through food is Kowarski’s passion, he believes it’s all for nothing without bigger picture thinking – he’s constantly considering how he can better the livelihood of his staff, team and suppliers, as well as care for the planet.

Kowarski believes people deserve real ingredients and quality. Find out what fuels this financier turned foodie – besides all-natural, good-for-you produce, that is.

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