Modern-day printers are rocking the digital age. Here’s how to select the right one.

24 Jul, 2018

First, they printed. Then they faxed. After that, they scanned to email. Printers have come a long way in serving businesses across all industries. In the digital age, printers are even more scalable and adaptable to evolving business needs with optimum functionalities such as enhanced security, software, intuitive document management and workflow enhancing technologies.

Whether you are looking to upgrade existing printers or starting a new venture, it is important to know how to choose the right type and number of printers for your business – now and into the future. A good starting point is to know what key features to look for. These range from speed, quality, colour printing and paper type and size, to connectivity, maintenance services and repair time. The type of printer you choose should mobilise and meet your workspace requirements.

Three main printers to consider are:

  • Inkjet printers: Suitable for everyday printing on plain, glossy or photo paper. Inkjet printers are cost-effective and are ideal for small businesses with basic printing needs.
  • Laser printers: Offer better quality than inkjet printers and can be monochrome or colour. Laser printers are generally more expensive but running costs are cheaper and some toners last longer than inks. This is a cost-effective investment in the long run and is ideal for high-volume printing.
  • Multifunction printers (MFPs): Can print, scan, copy and fax. Multifunction printers are all about user convenience and superior processing and responsiveness. MFPs can facilitate a seamless and cost-effective document workflow. A state-of-the-art intelligent human detection sensor also saves users time and overhead costs by waking the printer instantly from its energy-saving sleep mode.

When determining your specific printer needs, get a free office assessment and consider the following:

  • The number of departments and employees per department.
  • The average and maximum print volumes you anticipate per month.
  • The percentage of your workflow that has moved to paperless.
  • The print technology that will suit your needs best – ink or laser.

Modern-day printers are smooth operators that can do pretty much anything apart from serving a fresh cup of coffee with your morning status report. Let Nashua conduct a free office assessment to determine the right type and number of printers for your business and improve the overall productivity of your business.