Safeguard your physical and digital assets with leading access control technologies

29 Jun, 2018

Physical and cyber security is an ongoing concern for businesses in South Africa. Crime statistics show a 5% increase in armed attacks on businesses to 20 680 robberies for the 2016/2017 financial year. Studies also show that South African organisations are at a higher risk of data breaches than global counterparts. The average cost of a data breach in South Africa was estimated at R32,36 million in 2017.

In response, businesses are turning to access control security technologies to enhance the safeguarding of business data, networks, equipment and employees. Good access control solutions should provide an optimum balance of advanced security and ease of access by creating restricted areas and simplifying access authorisation for individuals with clearance.

Access control systems can benefit businesses by:

  • Minimising data breaches, theft and fraud
  • Streamlining high foot traffic and multi-shift access
  • Providing a safe working environment
  • Keeping a detailed access audit trail history
  • Reducing energy costs by switch off lights and air conditioning in vacant areas
  • Improving the speed and efficiency of lockdowns in emergency situations.

Keys and paper-based sign-ins have no place in future-proofed businesses. Leading biometric technology makes use of fingerprints, facial recognition, voice waves and iris patterns for comprehensive access control. This system can leverage existing employee demographic data to reduce manual entry steps for improved convenience and security. To keep an eye on every nook and cranny of your business, the latest surveillance solutions can reduce time and labour costs with access control software, state-of-the-art revolving fisheye cameras and integrated CCTV systems.

Business data is an invaluable asset and can give businesses a distinct competitive edge. To protect business intelligence, access control in the workplace needs to extend to the use of printers, which can pose a security threat when documents, images, login details and email addresses are stored on the internal hard drive. Multifunction printers store data securely by encryption and user restrictions can prevent unauthorised access to information.

No matter the size, infrastructure or budget of your business, Nashua’s free office assessment is a great starting point to classify and meet your unique security needs. By partnering with a reputable integrated business solutions provider, business owners can rest assured that physical and digital business assets have full protection from external and internal security threats.