Coming Soon - Online Networking

Our Services

The Solutions Lab was started out of a desire to help and support other small business owners.  Our servides include networking, coworking and coaching.


We meet regularly in person with guest speakers to learn, network and share leads.

We also have online networking sessions, to meet other small business owners and share our elevator pitches and leads.


Online coworking days where knowing that there are other people working virtually allongside you is the motivation you need to get your to do list done.

Themed in-person coworking days to help you sort out any issues you may have on the topic as well as being productive alongside other motivated people


We will help you break down your problem, brainstorm solutions, support, listen and hold you accountable to the actions you decide to take.


I’ve been working with Elaine for several years.
I am someone who requires graphics; I need to understand the problem literally and do not perform well with abstract learning.
There has never been a day when Elaine couldn’t put a piece of information into a format that made my brain say, “Wow, I can understand that and move on from there.”
Elaine works tirelessly to encourage you and find the best strategy for you so that you can move forward without constantly relying on her.
Many strategy coaches create co-dependency, but Elaine teaches you to stand on your own two feet, allowing you to tackle the next step in your journey.
And she’ll be there for you when you need her.
Elaine is loving and caring, but her approach is direct.
She cuts right through your drama and raises you to the level of Focus.
Because if you stay stuck in drama, you will never be the winner you are capable of being.
Thank you very much, Elaine.
Christiane Ebert